First thoughts...

My first thoughts about this brief are that it sounds similar to the Interpretation project in the second year, for which i was asked to interpret the quote "Go to where the Silence is and say something." Amy Goodman. Here are some of the images i collected as research for that brief as i think they will be relevant.

An object designed for capturing sound, but no one there to make any. a nice way of visualizing silence i thought.

For the interpretation brief i focused on how a blank or "silent" wall often invites people to say something weather it be political, creative, drunken foolishness or just plain vandalism. This was my favorite image of a silent wall.

A blank page, one of the more obvious interpretations of silence but still a powerful one.

I think empty stages are quite eerie things, this is probably down to the silence because they are a place that is usually full of sound.

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